Frequently Asked Questions

Is free?

Yes! There is no cost for using our service and as we don't collect any of your personal information, you'll never have to worry about unwanted solicitation.

Is my group secure?

Yes, but only as secure as you are with the link... So be careful who you share it with.

How does Split It Quick calculate who owes who?

Split It Quick uses an algorithm designed to minimize the total number of payments made across a group. This algorithm works by adding up each persons' expenses and payments to determine their individual balance. For example, if Sam has owes $50 for groceries, and paid for $20 in gas and $10 in groceries, Sam would have an individual balance of -$20.

Once everyone's individual balance has been determined, the algorithm matches group members with a positive balance to members with a negative balance. For example, if Sam's friend Mike had a balance of +$20, the algorithm might assign Sam to pay Mike $20.

It's important to note that members may be assigned to pay people they don't directly owe. Using Mike and Sam as an example yet again, Mike might have had a +$20 balance because he paid for something for group members that didn't include Sam. Even though Sam doesn't directly owe Mike money, the algorithm could make this assignment because it leads to a smaller number of money transfers between group members, and therefore a simpler solution.

Can I delete a group?

No. Because any group is accessible to anyone with a valid link, we decided to disallow deletion of groups to rule out the possibility of someone maliciously deleting group data.

How can I share a group with other people?
There are two ways to share a group with friends:
  1. Navigate to the main page for your group, copy the URL in the browser address bar, and send that URL to anyone that you'd like to be able to access your group
  2. Navigate to the main page for your group, click the share button, and enter friends' email addresses on the subsequent page. We will send an email containing a link to your group to each email address entered.
What are "Recent Groups"?
Recent groups are groups that you have visited in the past. We keep track of them with a cookie on your browser. This has a couple implications:
  1. If you clear your cookies, your Recent Groups will be lost. Because of this, it's important that you save links to your groups in the event that your cookies are lost.
  2. As cookies are stored on your browser, you will only see groups that you have visited on your current device and browser appear in Recent Groups.
Can I pay people directly through

No. But if there is enough demand for this feature we will implement it. If you have feedback regarding direct payments, let us know -- you can reach us through the contact section.

I lost the link to my group. How can I recover it?

If you've lost the URL to your group, you can reach us via email in the contact section. If you include as much information about the group as you can remember (ex. group name, member names, expenses, etc), there is a good chance we can send you the unique link to your group.

Does have an app?

No. We've built the site to support any device types (phone, tablet, etc) in mind, but if there is enough demand we'd consider it. If you think an iOS/Android/other app is a great idea, let us know -- you can reach us through the contact section.