Split It Quick keeps track of groups' shared expenses and calculates the simplest way for group members to pay each other back. It's free, anonymous, and records are stored indefinitely, so it's up to you how and when you want to settle your debts.

There are four basic concepts underlying Split It Quick:

  1. Groups: These are collections of people, payments, and expenses. Every person, payment, and expense blongs to a single group, and all calculations regarding debts and member balances are performed in the context of a group.
  2. Group Members: These are the people that belong to a specific group. Each group member is isolated to a single group, meaning that there is no connection between members in different groups, even if in reality the actual person is the same.
  3. Expenses: An expense represents something that one of the members in a group paid for or bought (ex. groceries, shared bills like utilities, etc). An expense also keep track of group members that owe money towards the expense. There are a number of tools for calculating how much group members owe toward an expense, including even splits, splits by shares and percentage, and exact adjustments down to the cent.
  4. Payments: These are records of money transactions between group members.

These components all combine to provide an easy to use service that will automatically calculate who owes who what at any point in time. It's a great tool for keeping track of expenses among roommates, among friends on vacation, and more.

Meet the Team

Sam J

Sam Jackson Founder and CEO

Sam is an avid expense sharer and philanthropist. He subsists primarily on coffee, alcohol, and user feedback -- so let him know what you think.

Molly F

Molly F VP User Experience

Molly is an expert on UX, the internet, and having a good time, all the time. Gifs, browser compatibility, and elevator etiquette are passions of hers.

Sam B

Sam B VP Algorithms

Sam is a PhD (student) at CU and an algorithms afficianado. He's quite tall and enjoys a beer or five every now and again.

Brian C

Brian C VP Customer Service

Brian loves all living creatures, including you. In his free time he enjoys following Boston sports and playing basketball.

Nora M

Nora M VP Strategic Initiatives

Nora, like Sam B, is a PhD (student) and master strategist. Her hobbies include plants, going hard in the paint, and empathy.


Fink Intern

Fink is our intern.

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