Share Expenses With Friends

Split It Quick makes it easy for groups of friends to figure out who owes who by tracking shared expenses and determining the simplest possible way to pay each other back. Perfect for splitting bills, vacation costs, or keeping a running tab open with roommates. Best of all, it’s free and open to everyone, no signup required.

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How It Works

Name your group

1. Create group

Decide on a name (ex. 'Beach Vacation') and press go. That's it.


2. Add members

Add each person that owes/spends money to the group. You can add, edit, or remove these members at any time.

Bills and utilities

3. Add expenses

Split It Quick allows you to record expenses and split the costs among one or more group members however you like, including by percent, share, and exact amounts.

Pay debts

4. Settle up

We keep a running total of who owes whom and tell you the simplest possible way to get everyone paid back.

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